One of my favorite things on the grill is PIZZA!  People always look at me funny when I tell them that, but that's how I roll.  Like everything else on the grill it's easy and no fuss, no muss.  

You can make your own dough (a la Upstate Emily), but I usually cheat and buy mine pre-made.  You can even get whole wheat or gluten free dough if you shop at Whole Foods.  My kids like traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on their pies, but Mr. Martha and I like to fancy ours up with pesto, ricotta cheese and my new favorite topper an artichoke red pepper bruschetta spread from Trader Joe's.
There's nothing to it: just spread the dough out a little with your hands, you can spray the bottom of the dough a bit if you find the dough sticks (don't spray the grate directly...you can cause a fire!). I make sure to wire brush my grates so there is no debris that can stick to the dough.  On medium heat, the dough will be ready to flip over after 4-5 minutes.  Add your toppings and close the grill cover for another 4-5 minutes...and you're done!  
Use tiny pieces of dough to make bite size pizzas as appetizers on a night you're having friends over for a BBQ!  Enjoy! XO  Martha


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