My baby brother is currently living in Northern Italy.  He often throws in little foodie observations and moments in his letters home.  Those images dance around in my head for days.  I absolutely loved this week's and thought I would start sharing his descriptions with you.  They are lovely! ....

A few weeks ago I said something foolish about Italians not letting anything get in between them and their daily to-do list. FALSE. They are paralyzed in the snow. They do not drive AT ALL in the snow. As in, not even a little bit. As in, we were in a car with someone when it started snowing last Tuesday . . . he dropped us off on the side of the road and turned around to go home. We walked the rest of the way (5-6 km). Trains are, on average, an hour and half late. This, of course, cancels about 50% of our appointments (the ones which we have to take trains, buses, or car rides to get to), leaving us with not much else to do except finding work, which involves a lot of being out in the cold. Yay. One cool thing is that Italian women go every day to buy bread at their favorite bakery. However, one does not leave the house when it is snowing, so they stay inside and make their own bread. I don't know how many times we've buzzed a door to have it opened by a woman with dough-y hands. Also, snow ploughs don't do very nice things to cobblestone streets, so they have to be shoveled by hand, which can only be done by the city, which is not  the fastest operation you've ever seen. They only shovel the streets - not the bike paths or the sidewalks. I've only fallen twice (not yet from the bike). I've got a pretty nice bruise on my left arm, with more (I'm sure) to come. :  )