My gorgeous sister in law was recently in town.  Having never been to the US before, let alone New York, she was quite overwhelmed by the city - the people, the noise, the garbage, the graffiti, the shopping... her first impression was not totally positive and she mused that she'd always imagined it would be more glamorous, more Mad Men-ish (her favourite show of the moment!).   A few days later however, and after many hours spent traipsing from neighbourhood to neighbourhood in Manhattan, she was hooked, and had, like countless many before her, fallen for the city of high heels ...and hotdogs (her new foodie love!).

Keen to see as much as possible, she booked in to a few tours - bus tours and museum tours and I took her on a tour of some of my favourite spots - Chelsea Markets, The High Line, SoHo and West Village.  

After sampling fantastic chicken tacos in Chelsea Market, we walked off lunch and came across the ever great, People's Pops... 

After more walking (and shoe shopping!) it was time for a restorative coffee and cake at the delightful Bee Desserts and Cafe in Greenwich Ave, West Village.  Their marshmallow honey cake (chocolate covered deliciousness made with 'pure honey in the place of sugar, creamy marshmallow and dark chocolate with 70% cocoa') is to die for - and they ship across the country!

Click on the photo to learn more about their legendary Honey Cakes!

The coffee - Brazilian, strong AND served in a proper mug - was also worth the visit!

A few nights later, sis in law was overjoyed when, while waiting to see a Broadway show, we just happened to stumble across a star studded line up of people waiting for the premiere of another new show, including  Sarah Jessica Parker and John Hamm (her 'Mad Man') ...her trip to New York was now complete...'seen a celebrity' - TICK!
John is somewhere in this me!!