Our frites come to us as a big beautiful white potato.  First they age for a few days, allowing some of the sugars to break down.  Then they are cut.  We use a frites press, of course, as we go through five million potatoes a week….(er, okay not five million, a girl can dream can’t she?).  After the potatoes have been cut they are soaked to be prepared for the par fry.  To “par” anything is to pre cook it slightly, so that you can more quickly get that item from an order to a table.  Although, in the case of the frites, it’s more about the process.  The proper Belgian style frites is fried twice.   We could fry a fry in a short enough amount of time, but a frites needs to be fried once, and then again to achieve the perfect “crispy on the outside, light in the center consistency”.  After their first dunk in the fryer, they are stored in the walk in cooler until they are ordered.   Once fried a second time, for an order, they are sprinkled with Kosher salt and served.  No ingredients other than potatoes, salt, and a high grade soybean oil are used.  

It is a process, it takes a couple of days, but it's worth it.  Frites shown here with a Fine Line Cheeseburger   

You can serve these at home if you're equipped with a deep fryer, following the steps already outlined.  You'll want to par fry at 325, and finish fry at 350, use nothing but kosher salt to season.  



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