One of my favorites were these truffled BLTs!

Our little tennis club knows how to do a great "Gourmet/less pay" party.  Every year the fee is nominal since the main stay of the party is provided by everyone who comes...

even better they make it into a contest!  
Every one must bring an appetizer for 30 and when you arrive they take down your name, write down what's in your appetizer and whisk it off to a table of judges to taste.  Once judged it's quickly 
moved to the long tables filled 
with everything we've brought.  


Decorations are simple, white linens, twinkle lights, glass jars filled with silver balls and everything sprinkled with silver stars.

After an hour of drinking and everyone sampling the food, three top winners are announced and awarded bottles of wine, gift certificates for dinner at a local restaurant and bragging rights!

Gail's Pumpernickel Toasts
The Truffled BLTs and my friend Gail's Pumpernickel Toasts (click here for the recipe) were my top picks and neither even placed in the top three!  They were robbed...especially since 99% of the time the winners recipe includes bacon!

After the awards the Bartender refills our glasses and the D.J. pumps up the music and gets us out on the dance floor.  As the appetizer plates are emptied their places are replaced 
with (catered) desserts.

Bacon Wrapped Dates
If you're looking for a delicious and easy way to throw together a party on New Year's Eve....give this idea a try!
XOXO Martha

Also try my recipe for 
Bacon Wrapped Dates:
Cut strips of bacon in half and par cook (cook half way...but leave so it's still pliable and can be wrapped around the date). While the bacon cools, fill pitted dates with gorgonzola cheese or almonds (or both).  Wrap the bacon around the date and secure with a toothpick.  Bake in 375 degree oven for 10 minutes & serve immediately.