I'm such a "Martha," I "do" it all, or at least I think I can.  I like things done a certain way: the right way! In fact, I have projects that I'd rather have left un-done than done the wrong way...that is, the way I think they should be completed.  I've got issues, I'm aware.

I used to subscribe to the "everything made from scratch" philosophy....especially in the baking department and I spent years perfecting my brownie recipe.  It wasn't that complicated, but did take a little time to do it, what with melting butter, and unsweetened chocolate, sifting powdered sugar, etc.  I thought it was all worth it, since my brownies were always the first to disappear whenever I brought them to a gathering or school function.

Then it happened: I was asked to bring 2 large trays (4 pans!) of brownies to a big super bowl party. Of course I said yes, I'm Martha Do-er, super woman...no problem!  Until reality struck: I had two dogs to walk, a sick toddler, a kindergartener (with an insane social schedule), a husband once again MIA in NYC corporate life AND I forgot about the brownies I was supposed to bring until the night before....uh oh!  I hit the supermarket and decide to make Betty Crocker my b*!$#.....I bought the cheapest brownie mixes I could find along with a bag of m & m's, a bag of white chocolate chips, a bag of peanut butter chips, and a bag of regular chocolate chips.  I whipped up the mixes, putting half of one of the bags of candy in each batch of mix and using the rest to top that pan and voila!  Brownies 4 ways...they looked great and surely no one would really be able to tell the difference...would they?

We went to the party, the brownies were served and the weirdest thing happened: People flipped for these brownies.  You'd think they were hash brownies, they were gone in minutes.  I got more compliments than ever before.  Days after the party, people were emailing me asking me for the recipe.  What the heck?  They were from a box!  How could this be!?  I paid $4 and used those cheap boxes of mix to make the best brownies people had ever had? 

Those cheap Betty Crocker brownies are about the best ever...of course you do need to add the extra chocolate bits to make 'em "special" (aka: look home made) and of course your love(aka: the time that you could use to do anything else!)  I almost never go to the trouble of making my own recipe...everyone likes Betty's Brownies better....she's one bad-a$& baker.

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