As I've mentioned before, we make a point of having family dinner together every Sunday.  This week was no exception and very typical so I though I'd share.

      We went to my in-laws for dinner.  We were having the "usual," and our favorite, London Broil.  On the side there was roasted broccoli, oven steak fries, sauteed mushrooms, sliced fresh tomatoes and wine (wine is my personal favorite side dish.)

     My father in law was already outside by the grill, fork in one hand and drink in the other. (Remember it is very important to stay hydrated (with vodka) while grilling.)  The "men" went out to join him, I guess for moral support since my son is not allowed to grill yet (boy scouts will turn any 10 year old boy into a pyro) and my husband is the only person with a Y chromosome who is useless on a grill, unless you want your meat VERY (shoe leather) well done.

I don't know how my mother in law does it...that is, timing it all.  When I'm cooking it's all me, there's no depending on someone else to get things done at a certain time.  She is the queen of good prep work.  We get there and the table is set, veggies are all in the works, platters all laid out, wine open and glasses ready.  So, this should be easy, it's just London Broil, 15 minutes on the grill, bring it in and let it rest a bit, then slice it up....right? Well, usually the meat's brought in and Dad slices a bit, then we all weigh in, does it need more time?  I love watching my mother in law teeter in limbo, determined to get all the food on the table while it's hot, should she plate the broccoli or stick it back in the oven to keep it warm? (Dad: "So  Jed, is it done enough for you? Maybe it should go back out for a few minutes.")  My mother in law is dealing with at least 4 hot side dishes and yet she just lets him "do his thing" in his little london broil world.  It's remarkable, she never complains!  (Perhaps this is another reason Jed does not grill, I would totally have gone psycho-nagging-wife on his ass by now.)

Last night, I got to do the fun part...dessert!  I brought an apple crisp that just needed to pop in the oven while we ate dinner.

The food was great, the kids got all caught up with "Granny and Bapa," Emmy and Joe cleared the dishes (remembering to save the leftover meat scraps for the dogs, of course) and the hot apple crisp was delicious (especially since it was made with apples we picked ourselves!)  Nothing remarkable, just another family meal made with love that filled our bellies and started our week off right...together.

Here's my Apple Crisp Recipe:

Oven 350

4-5 apples peeled and sliced
1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup oats
1/2 stick of butter (softened)
2 T cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of mace (my preference) or nutmeg

Grease the inside of a square pan or pyrex dish.  Put the sliced apples in the pan.  Mix all the remaining ingredients in a bowl until crumbly (use a hand pastry blender tool or a fork).  Sprinkle of top of the apples.  Bake for 30 minutes and serve with ice cream!

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