Maybe it's your job, or husband,or kids getting to you, making you itch to break away.  Heck, maybe it's all three.  Whatever the trigger, we all need to get out for a change of scenery and when that happens; seize the moment!

        A few weeks ago I got 
away with The Pantry team 
to a foodie function in NYC.  
The event was great, but we were done by 8:15 and none of us were ready to go home, quite yet.  
We were in Soho and stores were still open.  So we did what girls do best and shopped. We found a great luxury bath and body store, Sabon, on Spring Street, then we ambled by the newest Georgetown Cupcake store, but what we really wanted was a bar where we could have a fancy cocktail and chat.

Thank heavens for the iphone.  We summonsed up the bars closest to where we were standing and we hit the jackpot.  Less than a block away was the Merc Bar at 151 Mercer Street.  It's a really groovy scene, rustic and refined rolled into one.  It's a place that makes you feel like you are cool and hip (even if you're a mom from NJ). Its menu is all liquor.  They are just 
a bar, no nibbles, nothing distracting them from keeping 
their eye on the prize which is making amazing drinks.    

Their cocktail list was fabulous.  There was no way any of us could order 
the same drink, we had to try as many as possible...and wished we had more friends 
with us to justify ordering more.  Let me tell you, it took a lot of self control 
not to slurp these down before we took some pictures, so feast your eyes.
All of our beverages were amazing.  We played our own version of musical drinks, sipping and passing around the table.  The next few weeks I'll be working my mixologist deciphering magic and try to recreate several of the drinks on their menu.  My drink, pictured on the far left was called the Sexy Sadie.  It was made with Grey Goose Poire Vodka, elderflower liqueur, pear puree and Mathilde Blackcurrant. It tasted devine and even if I haven't figure out exactly how they make it, my version tastes pretty darn good and you should give it a try (click here)...hmm maybe I should call mine a Sexy Martha?
Anyone up for a girl's night out and a little road/train trip?  
I can't wait to go back to SoHo and the Merc Bar...on purpose this time. 
 Cheers!  XO  Martha