Grilled Pizzas (click to link to the "Feast-Dinners for family and friends" recipe section)

Does everyone in America order pizza out on Friday nights?  I know we often do.  Though during the grilling season one of our favorite things to throw on the Weber is quasi-home made pizza.  I say quasi, because I often buy  the pizza dough pre-made.  Around here you can get it in the grocery store made with a variety of flour choices, whole wheat and sometimes even Gluten Free, at the Whole Foods store.  It's super easy to do....just light the grill, set it to a medium temperature (try and stick around 350).  I usually make everyone do it them selves, so we each grab a wonk of the dough, pull it into a round flat crust, spray it with some pam and throw it on the grill.  After the bottom side is cooked, about 2 minutes or so, flip the dough and make sure your toppings are handy because you should start piling them on right away.  My kids go with the basic tomato sauce and cheese.  Jed and I like to use bruschetta style tomato spreads, with a dollop of ricotta cheese and with a little topper of pesto or olive tapenade.  After topping the crusts just close the grill lid and give 'em a few minutes.  It's faster and cheaper than the delivery guy...and everyone gets to make theirs the way they like it.  My newest favorite grilled pizza topper is this Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Tapenade I found at Trader Joe's.  This is also a great appetizer if your having friends over to bar-b-que.  The grill's already lit...why not throw a few little mini-pizza's on before the main course?