Our dear friends from Maplewood are moving to California.  We are all so sad to see them go, but on the upside we are getting some real quality time with them before they leave, because they are living with us for the week!  When you pack up your house and move across country it just can't be done in a day.  So, Tuesday the trucks emptied their house and they moved into our B&B.

I love having my friends here and especially how easy having a second mom makes everything. Dinner prep is a breeze, and leaving one child home while you go pick up the other is no prob.  There's also the benefit of having a real communal pantry....especially when they bring their own food cabinet store!  My fridge is full and check out this big box of goodies sitting in my kitchen....waiting to find a home in my cupboards.  

Today I've got a crazy schedule of places to go and people to see.  Luckily the other mom in the house is taking care of dinner tonight so I can get to my parent teacher conference!  Communal living at it's finest!