Pesto Pasta & Chicken in a Snap

4 chicken breasts 
1 lb pasta, any shape you like
1 7 oz package of Buitoni pesto

This dish could not be easier and it's good warm or cold. I made it about an hour before my guests arrived and just covered it and put it in my warming drawer on medium.  

Bake chicken breasts with a dash of Italian dressing on top.  30 minutes on 350 should do it.  Chop or shred the chicken onto bite size pieces and put aside to mix with the hot pasta and pesto.  Cook the pasta according to the package directions.  After straining and rinsing the pasta, put it back in the hot pot you used to boil it.  Add the whole container of pesto and chicken and stir to coat.

I like to add sun dried tomatoes to this dish, but put them on the side because my 
daughter doesn't like them.  And, obviously, you can leave out the chicken for a vegetarian version.  In the summer when herbs are cheaper and more 
abundant from the garden (or my vacationing neighbors garden) I like to make my 
own pesto...come summer I'll give you my recipe!  XO Martha


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