Do you have a Valentine Box?  It's a special place to collect your Valentines as they come in the mail from your friends and admirers.

Valentine Boxes are easy and fun to make!
1. Cover shoe boxes with pretty wrapping paper or tissue paper.  
2. Cut a hole in the top, so you can slide in your love letters!  
3. Decorate with stickers and ribbons.
4. Fill with Valentine LOVE!

I invited my two favorite 3 year old Pantry Kids over to make their own Valentine Boxes!

The girls went for the shiny stickers first!  

The sparklier the better when you are three!


Miss O went for a pattern, while Miss T went for full sticker coverage!

Boxes done?  Start putting in Valentine letters and love notes....peek and see if it's filling up! 
Open on Valentine's Day and play mailman passing the notes out to your family!
The Organised Housewife