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Everyone loves play dough and now you can make it, jar it, wrap it and give it - or just play with it...

Add some essential oils for a little calm therapeutic play or some glitter to make Glam-dough... The silly season can be cold, hot or simply CRAZY and everyone needs a little down time xoxo

Let's Make Play Dough

4 tbsp cream of tartar- A MUST HAVE FOR ANY KID's PANTRY
3 tbsp of cooking oil (I use olive oil for extra softness)
1 cup of salt
1/2 tsp of food colouring
2 cups of boiling water
2-3 cups of flour
Add a little extra special - glitter, essential oils or little beads

Combine all the ingredients (and 2 cups of the flour)into a bowl -I use my kitchen aid with dough mixer attachment.
Mix on a medium speed.

Add the spare cup of flour in 4 parts, until the dough isn't sticky ( Go slow and be careful as you don't want dry play dough - you may only need 1/2 cup but generally 3/4 of cup)

Place on a board and [if using] knead in the 'little extra special' xoxo



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