If you hadn't noticed I (Martha) have an extensive kooky t-shirt collection.  The one pictured here is one of my favorites and it does ring true...guess that's why the big guy bought it for me!  I like chocolate and desserts, but when counting my calories I have to make choices and I will usually opt to have liquor as my dessert.  But sometimes you want to have your cake and eat it too...that's when the chocolate martini is the best of both worlds.

      I have two recipes in my repertoire.  One is creamy and almost milkshakey and the other is more of a true martini cocktail.  Which ever one you choose...enjoy becoming like a chocoholic for booze.                 

 XOXO Martha


This is the Hershey Hotel's Recipe for a chocolate martini:

1 1/2 parts vanilla vodka
1 part creme de cacao (clear or dark)
chocolate kiss

Shake with ice and strain into a glass.  Serve with a hershey kiss at the bottom of the glass.


This recipe comes from The Cultured Pearl sushi restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  It's desserty and creamy.

3 parts vanilla vodka
4 parts Godiva's Chocolate Liqueur
4 parts Godiva's Cappuccino Liqueur

Shake with ice and strain into glass.  Serve by rimming the glass with cocoa powder, nesquick or crushed oreos.  Or swirl chocolate syrup in the glass before straining in the drink.

Tools of the chocolate martini trade!