Irish Coffee, a great concept, easy to make, easy to drink...but very difficult to photograph.  Forgive my pictures of "falling cream" but that's what Irish Coffee does, and it makes it taste delicious, fun to look at, and difficult to capture on still film.  You really must serve it in a clear glass so you can have the full experience and watch the cream stream into the dark coffee.
      I remember my father making a big show out of concocting Irish Coffee for guests at the dinner table.  He warmed the glasses by lighting the whiskey on fire for a bit.  We'd dim the lights and ooh and aah.  I also remember loving the smell and wanting very much to like the taste, but I was nearly 30 years old before I started liking coffee (let alone coffee with whiskey) so I never actually enjoyed the few sips I was allowed to take as a child. 

Irish Coffee
Strong Black Coffee
Irish Whiskey
Brown Sugar
Heavy Cream

Cheers! XO Martha

Click to read about how The Beuena Vista Cafe in San Francisco perfected the Irish Coffee...great tips and fun story.
Some folks like to pre-heat their glasses by pouring hot water in the glass ahead of time, or lighting a bit of whiskey on fire before filling their glasses.  I don't pre-heat my glasses but find that the whipped cream must be very cold to float on top properly.

Fill a glass 3/4 full with coffee.  Add a tablespoon of brown sugar, stir and dissolve. Add a shot of whiskey.  Gently pour whipped heavy cream to float on top of the coffee.  Many recipes suggest pouring the cream over the back side of a spoon to help it land gently.  I just spoon the cream delicately on top.