This sangria might not be as fancy as the "sooo sexy" berry version from the cookbook, Freshalicious, but it is easy and delicious and pretty cheap too!

Here's how Martha
makes sangria:

I bottle of cheap red (or white) wine (I'm talking less than $5)
I can of ginger ale (more if needed, i.e. if the wine is very heavy)
I can of Orange Juice
1-3 Tablespoons of sugar
citrus fruit and/or apples

I like to use a big igloo insulated drink container with a spigot.  I pour the whole bottle of wine into the container and I only add sugar if the wine isn't very sweet. Add the can of ginger ale, then use the empty can to measure the same portion of orange juice (other juices can be used, but it's my preference and I really prefer citrus juice because of the high acidity.) Add cut up fruit.  I usually put one each of an orange, lemon, lime sliced into rounds and with the rind on.  If I put in an apple I chop it coarsely.  

Serve over ice, garnish with a fresh lime or orange wedge.  Always serve using a ladle so you can scoop the "good stuff" off the bottom.  If you make it ahead you may want to reserve some of the soda for right ahead of time if you like your sangria a little bubbly.  You can also add more soda if the wine was very heavy ad needs some lightening up.  It's all about what tastes good to you.

peering into the igloo container
The only down side to the sangria is that my children identify the big drink containers with booze.  Whenever I bring my big jug to one of their games or some school event, they ask me why I brought sangria (or vodka and tonics).  I have been known to "tailgate" at my children's sporting events, but I assure you that I've never served sangria to any children, though I hear Kiwi children like a nip of sangria...such sweet juice!

                  Cheeres!  XO  Martha