A "Shandy" is a kind of beer cocktail. Usually beer mixed with lemonade, or a citrus soda.  Proportions and flavors differ and some folks even prefer a "snakebite" which is a shandy made with beer and apple cider.  I've wanted to make a St. Germain shandy  ever since I was handed a little recipe card at one of our foodie event adventures.  The St. Germain recipe's proportions were heavy on the beer and far lighter on the St. Germain, elderflower liqueur, and lemon juice...so just FYI this recipe has been Martha-fied and is made the way I like it!  Hope this inspires you to concoct some shandies of your own this summer!   Cheers!  XO  Martha

St. Germain Shandy
4 parts beer
2 parts St. Germain
1 part lemon juice (I used one whole lemon per drink)
Pour the ingredients into 
a glass half full of ice.  
Stir gently garnish with a lemon 
wedge and enjoy! 
Adjust proportions to taste!