First off this is a white wine sangria, it's not necessary to make it with white peaches...any kind will do.  Secondly, I'm not really a white wine fan, but that doesn't seem to matter to me when it comes to sangria and this recipe is my personal white sangria favorite.  
      The folks at our first Communal Pantry "Mama Bakes" food swap finished off the whole pitcher of this very drinkable peachy concoction in half an hour...a good sign.  Even better, Mr. H sampled this sangria and gave it high marks.  He's not a big fan of fruity drinks but he had two glasses of this beverage and said he'd make and serve it at his house.

      Cheers! XO Martha

Tips: I like to make sangria at least one day ahead of time, so the flavors can meld.  For this recipe I wait to put half the frozen peaches in until right before I serve.  They add flavor and can eliminate the need for ice cubes.  Note that everyone will want a spoon to eat the peaches when all the booze are slurped up!  My best sangria trick (for any kind of sangria) is adding 1/2 cup of extra ginger ale right before serving to give it a little fizz.
1 bottle white wine (any kind, I used a cheap bottle of sauvignon blanc)
I can of ginger ale 
3/4 cup peach schnapps
1/4 cup sugar
16 oz. bag of frozen sliced peaches

Combine all the ingredients, reserving 1/2 of the bag of peaches right before serving. Let it "rest" in the fridge overnight. 

This sangria is so pretty, I suggest serving it in a clear pitcher or punch bowl.