4B Salad



I am a little obsessed with Butter lettuce (B #1).  It's my current favorite "green." I'm also a pickled Beet addict (B #2).  It's a good thing they are pretty healthy for you since the next two "Bs" add all the calories to the 4B salad.  Blue Cheese & Balsalmic dressing are Bs #3 & #4.  Yup, just four easy ingredients make me and my mouth insanely happy.  Hope it'll do the same for you!  XO  Martha

Pantry Must Haves:
Butter Lettuce
Sliced pickled beats
crumbled blue or gorgonzola cheese
balsamic dressing
There's nothing to do but wash and prep the lettuce, slice the beets, and toss on the cheese and dressing.  Voila! Instant lunch!  Enjoy!