I can't resist buying beets at the farmers market.  My beet obsession is persisting golden yellow beets, peppermint striped beets, if you're selling them I'm buying them. I have not tried pickling my own beets...yet...but I've been roasting them and eating them as soon as they are cool enough not to burn my mouth!  A few months ago I had a pistachio covered beet dish at Lupa in NYC.  I've been obsessed with trying to recreate the pistachio dressing, really more like spread or dip and this is the version I like best.  I prefer the taste of golden beets but they just don't photograph as nicely as these red ones! XO Martha
Pantry Must Haves:

Beets washed with stems removed

1/2 cup pistachios shelled
1/2 cup soft goat cheese
1/2 cup fresh spinach
2 T vinegar (I used red wine vinegar)
1-2 T olive oil
water as needed

More fresh spinach for the salad
First step is to roast the beets.  Just wash them and wrap them in tin foil and pop them in a 400 degree oven for 45-60 minutes, or until they are fork tender.  Once they are done and cooled you can peel off the skin.

As for the "dressing" use a blender or food processor to finely chop the pistachios, next add the spinach and cheese and lastly the vinegar and oil.  You can add more of the oil and vinegar or some water if you'd like your dressing to be more fluid...I rather like mine thick.  

Slice beets over a bed of fresh spinach and top with the pistachio cheese dressing.