watermelon coconut mojito pops
It's been a hot week in NJ, and I've also been thinking CP's falling down on giving our readers some inspiration for frozen treats.  My kids were away this week, so there was no need to experiment with kids pops but a great time to try out some alcoholic versions for myself!  An abundance of mint growing has me in mojito mode and the cheap and juicy watermelons were crying to be used so watermelon mojito pops were my first trial.

orange mojito pops
      I tried making the watermelon pops three different ways, but no matter what they turned out separating with the pink juice at the top and bottom of the pop and I'm assuming the rum 
and seltzer setting up in the middle.  
(They tasted good regardless.)
       I've also been dreaming about the orange mojito pops I had back in March at the Cruzan Rum booth at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, so I recreated those...with pretty fabulous results!              Enjoy! XO  Martha
     So, get out your pop molds and make your own today!

Panty Must Haves:

Popsicle Molds & Sticks
Watermelon Juice or
Fresh Squeezed 

Orange Juice
Rum (I used regular Bacardi and Cruzan Coconut Rum)
Simple Syrup
Fresh Lime Juice
Lots of Fresh Mint Leaves
Club Soda

The first thing I did before mixing up the pops was muddle a big handful of slivered mint in a mix of half lime juice and half simple syrup.  Next in a big measuring cup (you can use a large pitcher) I added 4 parts juice (watermelon or orange) and 1 part rum (either kind, just note the coconut rum has a strong flavor!) 1/2 part club soda and 1 & 1/2 parts of the mint/syrup/lime combination.  
Stir with a spoon, then pour into molds leaving room for an extra spoonful of slivered mint to be added.  Also remember to leave a little space for the pops to expand as they freeze.  I tried poking the mint down into the pops for even distribution but no matter what the mint floated to the top with the orange pops.  The mint was a little more cooperative with the watermelon pops, but still tended to rise to the top.
PS These pops were a hit at our recent Mama Bakes Night!
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