It was chilly this past Saturday and thanks to hurricane Irene blowing through a few weeks ago, my basement is still damp and my fridge and freezer aren't back to fully stocked (we had no power for 8 days). I was down in the dumps and needed some comfort food!  This is quick, easy and makes me feel hugged from the inside.  We called it an egg-in-a-nest growing up, but I've since met folks who call it a "Popeye" too! As you can tell from the pics...as soon as I started buttering the bread, my daughter asked if I'd make her one too!

I slice of bread
A little bit of butter (spreadable)
An egg
S&P to taste

Just butter both sides of the bread while your frying pan heats up on a medium flame.  Use a shot glass to cut a hole out of the middle of the bread, it's the perfect size (on special occasions my mom would use a cookie cutter...like a heart for Valentine's Day). Lay the bread and the "hole" next to it in the pan, crack and egg into the empty space.  Flip it when it's ready. Salt and Pepper and enjoy!!!
XO Martha/Eebie