T'is the season for outdoor cooking!  For us that means grilling and oddly enough FRYING!  Joe loves Granny's onion rings, but Granny doesn't like to stink up the whole house and make it smell greasy.  Luckily Bapa has a grill with a side burner.  So for Joe's birthday we had grilled steak with a side of Granny's onion rings.


Everything you'll need:

1-2 onions sliced into thick rings
flour, club soda, salt & pepper
A deep pan & 2-3" cooking oil
A tray covered in paper towels for draining & cooling the onion rings
(glass of vodka (pictured) 
is optional)

MIx 1-2 cups of flour with a generous dose of salt and pepper, then add club soda and whisk in a little at a time until you have a good consistency and not too many lumps in the batter.  

Heat the oil.  It's ready to go when you hit it with a drop of water and it sizzles.  Coat onions in batter and put in the oil, turn once to brown both sides, then remove to rack for draining.

Enjoy! XOXO Martha via Granny's Recipe