My basil plant is growing out of control, so I knew that pesto was in my near future. Pesto is one of those things that you can make in a small batch just enough for dinner, or make a huge batch to portion out and freeze. They both take the same amount of effort - hardly any! With a few simple ingredients, you'll be well on your way to dressing pasta, veggies, slathering on bread, or eating with a spoon! 

Before I get to the recipe, let me fill you in a few health benefits of this delicious pesto. 

Basil is full of anti-inflammatory properties. Eugenol, an oil in basil helps to block enzymes that cause swelling. Got arthritis? Add basil to your dishes! 

Garlic is delicious. Garlic is known for enhancing the body's immune cell activity, promotes the well-being of the cardiovascular, immune, and circulatory systems.

Pistachios are a wonderful add in to this dish. They contain fiber, protein, copper, manganese, B6, folate, vitamin E, iron, and biotin.  It doesn't hurt that they taste great! 

Recipe yields approximately 11 tablespoons. I would recommend 2-3 tbsp per serving of pasta. 


4 large garlic cloves
30 g pistachios
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup, packed, fresh basil leaves
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

In a food processor, pulse garlic cloves until minced. Add pistachios and repeat. Next, add basil, cheese, and oil. The result will be thick. You can absolutely add more oil, but olive oil is high in calories, while still being heart healthy. I personally choose to thin mine out (if need be) with a little bit of reserved pasta water when using with pasta. 

Boil pasta as directed, and add pesto to hot pasta, tossing to coat. Serve and enjoy! Happy Healthy Monday, y'all!