Any of these can be served as a quick fireside snack or alongside a salad or soup for lunch or light dinner; also, I sometimes throw them in a butter crust in a tart pan for something “fancier”

Alsatian: Stir 4 oz of brie (rind and all) into béchamel, sprinkle generously with nutmeg,  and distribute 8 oz of fried bacon (seasoned with fresh grd pepper whilst frying)

Provencal: Top onions with sliced tomatoes & cover with Gruyere

Spring: Distribute parboiled asparagus, top with shaved high-quality parmesan & lemon zest

Winter: Deglaze onions with Marsala, top onions with mixed mushrooms seasoned with a T of fresh thyme, sprinkle Parm or pecarino on top

Broccoli: Deglaze onions with 1/2 bottle of beer (I use Guiness), add 1 T dijon mustard to Bechamel, top with parboiled broccoli florets & top with sharp cheddar cheese

Buy one of those Pillsbury Pizza doughs!!
Preheat to 425

Cut up 2 vidalias or 3 yellow onions & cry your heart out!  Put sweat them with 2-3 T olive oil or butter in a heavy covered pan over a low heat.  Expect this stage to take upwards on 20 minutes.  Remember to stir every so often. 

Whilst onions are cooking, make a simple béchamel.  I generally use a 1 to 1 ratio—Don’t know if a real chef would agree, but—4T butter melted & whisk in 4 T flour.  Heat 1.5 c milk (I use whole) in the microwave until hot but not scalding.  In a slow stream whisk in milk until it comes together.  I rarely use all the milk as I want the consistency to be thick & spreadable; thicker than gravy & thinner than peanut butter.  Keep warm.
Check your onions!! When they begin to caramelize, remove lid & allow excess team & liquid to burn off.  Deglaze if the variety of flatbread you chose from above calls for it.

Flip over a cookie sheet & grease.  Unroll crust & split down the center, creating 2 long rectangles; Pinch the edges up around both crusts (failure to split into 2 will make for a soggy flatbread)

Spread béchamel on top of dough, top with onions, & top with additional toppings and cheese.  Bake according to directions—425 for 11-13 minutes & presto!

BTW it is very easy to make enough onions & béchamel to make a few different flatbreads at once which is what we love to do.

Recipe from Little Red Lacey