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Kids are going to eat sweets. If your child doesn't, then well done you and never move to America...This country is born, bred and raised on candy  (it ain't that good either, well therapeutically, some is bloody fantastic)... Candy is made from sugar, colouring, plus a few other interesting (nasty) additives or should I say chemical concoctions! As cooking from scratch makes a vogue come back to try and reduce the number of chemical concoctions that our children/we intake, maybe Sugarbaby is onto something... 'The Wonders of Sugar'!

FYI: sweet or not so sweet.

If you love to experiment with baking then this is something that may interest and challenge you...It's a  fun book that is loaded with stuff that is scrummy and sweet...

At the moment this is my number one cookbook. 'Sugarbaby' is well used and splatted. The recipes are still very simple and the instructions are very detailed  but they need to be.  A candy thermometer is vital and timing is everything. It's actually very hard to mess up with this book as some of the recipes are referenced in 'how to' videos, for those in need of visual instruction (that would be me)!
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In my eyes this book is PURE Magic and the recipes (guess what?) WORK! with love Kate