C Monster Punch
"Juicing" has opened up a whole new world of drink mixer possibilities for me.  That was not really the intention of my 3 day juice "cleanse"...but lucky for me, I never put limits on my sources of inspiration!  For the most part I've been making up my own combinations of juices and have tried blending a lot of my own juice "meals", but Odwalla brand's C Monster, Strawberry C...is one of my favorite pre-made drinks.  And after a few days on a liquid diet, you start thinking about adding some alcohol to liven things up.  That's how my "punch" came about...AND you can tell everyone it's on your diet, too!  The mint and bubbles from the seltzer really liven and lighten this drink up...although you can leave 
them out if you want it to be 
more like a martini.
Cheers!  XO  Martha

You'll need:
Odwalla's C Monster, Strawberry C
Banana Liqueur 
Seltzer (plain or some fruity flavor)
Fresh Mint Leaves
Strawberry for garnish

Combine 3 parts C Monster with 1 part 

vodka and one part banana liqueur add 
a handful of thinly sliced or diced 
mint leaves and stir.  
In a glass half filled with ice pour 
the mixture and fill the glass 2/3 
of the way.  
Add seltzer, filling the glass and stir gently.  Use a strawberry with a mint leaf top as a garnish.  

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