A few years ago we were down at our best friend's in Delaware and we went with them to a party in their neighborhood.  A man offered me a drink and told me they were the best margaritas...I had to try one...it was called a Jim Doyle Margarita or something after some guy who used to make them.  I accepted the drink, smiled and told him I knew how good they were, Jim Doyle was my father.

1 can frozen lime aide
triple sec
grand marnier
lime wedges

Dump the can of frozen lime aide in the blender.  Fill emptied lime aide can with tequilla, dump in blender.  Fill can with triple sec, dump in blender.  Fill can with ice, dump in blender (duh!) Mix well.  Pour into glasses and top each portion with a splash of Grand Marnier and a wedge of lime.  

Cheers! XOXO Martha

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