The Communal Pantry went to a Girl's Night Out event in Summit, NJ and ended up with a great new cocktail recipe!  This fabulous combination comes from Glass Works of Summit and their manager and surprise mixologist, Susan Cirelli.  Proportions aren't exact, so follow your tastebuds and experiment 
until you get the flavor you like.

Glass Work's Punch:
Vodka (Try 1/2 a bottle)
Cranberry Juice (try a whole bottle)
Chambord (Raspberry Liqueur)
 (Try a cup or so...)
Seltzer (Try a whole bottle)
A bag of frozen raspberries
juice from one lemon
one lemon sliced

Combine the ingredients....tasting as 
you go.  Add more or less of each 
as you see fit!

Cheers!  XO  Martha...and Susan from Glass Works!