It turns out the Communal Pantry has some great fans hailing from the great state of Kentucky.  Luckily I have a connection with a lady from Lexington who has broadened my bourbon drinking as well as introduced me to some down home concoctions... like the ever popular "Double Wide."  Don't worry this drink isn't reserved just for double wide trailer abiding folks, however it may be hard for 

you to make if you're not located in Eastern Kentucky, since the main ingredient is Ale 8 one soft drink.  The first batch of Ale 8 one (also called 'a late one')was blended back in 1926 and is a unique blend of ginger and fruit.  But it seems like the distribution of this fine soda is rather limited, so be sure to pick some up if you're in the area!  I took a picture of my double wide in a nice tall glass and was yelled at since the red solo cup is the preferred vehicle for consumption!  Thanks for the bottles of Ale 8 one...and sharing the recipe, Susan!   Cheers!  XO  Martha

Pantry Must Haves:

Ale 8 one
Makers Mark 
(or another kind of bourbon will do)
A lime wedge
If you can't figure out how to mix some soda and bourbon together and add a lime wedge, you should not be allowed to drink a double wide let alone live in one.  I prefer mine with a 2 parts soda to 1 part bourbon proportion.  I also like to squeeze my lime wedge into the mix.  Bottoms up!  
07/06/2012 05:51

I guess I can't be a lurker on your site anymore! Love the post. I'll keep bootlegging Ale 8 for you Mid-Atlantic folks.

07/15/2012 13:41

Love it! You guys should have a "Love" button on the pantry :)


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