Over the past few years, with a busy toddler in the house, we have taken some losses in the christmas decoration department.  Fortunately, I didn't have anything too expensive, and nothing too dear to heart has been a victim either.   Just the same, it seemed really senseless to me, to go out and repurchase even the very inexpensive decorations that would inevitably end up broken on the floor.  

So, three years ago I started a new tree trimming tradition, with big bows!  I took a few rolls of wired ribbon and just simply tied bows all over my tree.  I think it looks really pretty, and I don't care if the kids pull them all of the tree and stomp on them, because I can just put them right back up.  

We still manage to get a few of the old ornaments on there, up a bit higher.  We'll see how long they last.  


12/02/2011 12:36

I'm thinking the ornaments on top might get batted off if Sherman decides to do a little exploring in the tree. Toddlers have nothing on a cat when it comes to Christmas trees! XOXO E

12/02/2011 13:15

We did the same thing! No breakable ornaments (except at the very top of the tree - just for a few special ones I couldn't leave off). We also bought some fake apples to decorate the tree. For some reason, Emma & Owen both thought that every Christmas tree just *had* to have apples(?!). :) Good thing those aren't breakable!


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