You know how much my crew and I love the Outer Banks.  We are particularly loyal to the restaurants and bars near our house in Corolla in the northern part of OBX but every year we make the 40 minute drive to Mama Kwans.  Located at milepost 9 1/2 on the bypass (FYI it's all about the milepost number...no one tells you how to get there with an actual address!)

So, what's so great about this place? Why drive so far for a tiki bar?  Feast you eyes...and behold the two greatest dishes ever created:

Blackened Fish Tacos & The Hawaiian Pork Platter
These two dishes are pretty much all we ever order when we go.  The rest of the menu looks great, but these two are too good for us to diverge from them!  
Along with their fun tropical drink offerings and great appetizers we are in heaven.  Seriously the fish tacos have this insane lime sour cream sauce that is to die for 
and try as we might we've never been able to replicate. (Great News: you can 
now take home a pint or quart of the lime sauce. So, Bring a cooler if 
you're looking to carry some home, long distance!)
Eating these fish tacos is like a religious experience for my cousin Jessie!
Don't miss out on the asian cucumbers...they come with the pork plate but not with the tacos, but you can order them as a side dish!  
If you are heading to OBX Mama Kwan's is a foodie must!  XOXO Martha
12/23/2012 13:48:51

Thank You Martha!!! We love this!


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