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Foodie adventures happen all the time...
especially when you are least expecting them.  
Martha's jaunt to the Sarasota (FL) Farmer's Market was supposed to be a quick trip to pick up some produce and it turned out to be quite the foodie adventure. (I just wish I'd known to go on an empty stomach!)  Farmer's markets are also a great outing with the family.  There's likely to be something for everyone!
Keep in mind this was not a planned adventure...and my pics are taken with my iPhone!
 I'm a Jersey girl and our local farmer's markets are all about fresh grown food.  Local produce dominates our weekly summer markets, along with artisanal, gourmet and homemade items like gelato, jam and baked goods and perhaps the odd cook stand.  
In Sarasota, FL the farmer's market is every Saturday 7am-1pm and year round, thanks to the obvious optimal weather.  I was game to go and pick out some good produce for dinner with my mother-in-law and son, but it was a whole lot more than I bargained for.
At the intersection of Main Street and North Lemon Street in Sarasota the Farmer's Market spans 2+ long blocks and it was way more like a street fair filled with booths boasting wears from local shops, a ton of made to order food stands and many crafters.  The first thing you notice is the streets are packed with shoppers.  The second thing you notice is the dog to people ratio...it's probably 1:2.  Everyone who's anyone brings their dog. There are all sizes and breeds...and a lot of folks seem to enjoy dressing up their dogs with hats, sunglasses and some even wear them in baby carriers.  

I was bummed that we'd just had a big breakfast and I had very little room left to taste the food items offered for sampling.  The crepe stand, a burger tent and an empanada cart would have been top on my list if I'd come to dine.  We did sample fresh made guacamole, salsa, bloody mary mix, caramels, scones and fresh pineapple.  We also took home a box of pecan brittle from Courto's Katas (a locally made confectioner), and some biscotti and muffins from Sift Bake House (which I think only sells at local farmer's markets.) 
My favorite tent was Dee Dee Derenne's eco-friendly "upcycled" clothing.  DeeCouture makes fabulous new outfits using old clothes and they also sell on Etsy. I have a feeling I'm going to want a few more pieces from her creative "collection."  Check out the fab orange and white dress I picked up: it's a converse brand striped top, Whirlpool t-shirt middle and the bottom's a Home Depot Contractor t-shirt...
featuring a pocket made from the striped top shirt and a big Home Depot square on the bum.

Check out (above) the two great froggy towel cover ups I bought for my nieces!  The lady who made them started by sewing them as gifts for the little people in her life and the next thing she knew all their friends wanted them too! 

My boy was happy with his big bag of kettle corn and drinking coconut water straight from a freshly drilled coconut.

My biggest regret was not getting anything from the
Pop Craft cart (but the line was really long!) They're a family run business that started in 2010 and they make a wide variety of ice pops with amazing flavor combos.  They have been big in the FL framer's market scene and their pops are also featured on several local dessert menus.  They are opening their first storefront in the next few weeks and I will be sure to pay them a visit on my next trip to Sarasota.

The hardest thing to find at the farmer's market was produce...crazy right?  There were a few stands with veggies and fruits, but I actually had to go to Whole Foods (fortunately right next door) to get lettuce and onions.  
I may have gone to the Sarasota Farmer's Market accidentally this first time, but it will be a planned occasion the next time I'm in town!
Photo taken atop the Java Dogs Coffee Double decker bus.
4/14/2012 14:19:09

That looks awesome!

Lynne Doyle
4/14/2012 18:15:30

Shame on me. I live here and it has been sometime doing that. I did, however, go to the Farmer's Market at Phillipe Creek last Wed. It was really great. It was mostly veggies and fruit, and they were really good. I will go back.

4/17/2012 12:52:46

Hi Martha,

Thanks for visiting the Sarasota Farmers Market.

We appreciate the candid feedback about your experience.

The pictures that you took spoke a thousand words.

We currently have 8 produce vendors at the market. It’s very hard to find local farmers willing to commit to 52 weeks a year. We are actively looking for more and that is part of our mission. We have about a dozen farms that sell through our current 8 produce vendors. It’s a huge challenge for us, but we are focused on adding the right balance for our current vendors.

On your return visit, be sure to check out our events section on the website. Along with the cooking demonstrations with local restaurant chefs, special musical guests, and gardening classes that we offer, we will be testing out a free yoga class at the end of May . We are continuing our efforts for a healthy sustainable community.

We are glad that you enjoyed your day with us and hope to see you and your family soon,


Brian Glassmoyer
Chairman of the Board
Sarasota Farmers Market

4/17/2012 19:30:56

It was great doing business with you! I was so thrilled to see your blog post!!! Rock the world in that Home Depot dress!!!

:-) dEEdEE

12/3/2015 14:28:52

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