Aida's family Coffee Plantation; Finca El Zapote, which is located in the Santiago de Maria region of El Salvador
Coffee drinking is a new love for me, well since moving to the US... I would regularly dream of having a fancy coffee machine but not anymore. Recently I met a beautiful family from El Salvador (the millions of hours spent at soccer fields has finally paid off) and was invited round to their house for not wine, but coffee.  Real coffee.  Straight from the family's coffee plantation in El Salvadore (Finca El Zapote, which is in the  Santiago de Maria region). 

So, I arrived at the house expecting to come away with great-coffee-machine-envy.  But...first; on the stove went the pot of water then out came the strainer. "Okay, I'm confused, where is the flash coffee machine??" 

Pointing to a simple coffee plunger, they laughed at me and said 'That is it!'  No... all this wasted 'green eyed monster' time I'd spent, only to discover that I'd been using the right equipment all along...just possibly the wrong coffee! 
PS...All you Dunk'n Donuts fans - according to my El Salvadorian experts, this coffee is the best 'fast food' coffee to drink, not the other one (which will remain nameless!). xo

Coffee made easy - the El Salvadorian way (liquid gold)...Live from the iphone

Boil a pot of water
Add a tablespoon of coffee, for each cup
Grab that cheap metal sieve at the back of the cupboard and strain
Check out that colour...!!
A taste sensation- AMAZING!

According to Martha Stewart, NEVER store soft and crunchy cookies in the same container- this will cause your crunchy cookies to soften. But you can restore the crunch...
 10 minutes at 300F - sorted!

To create the ultimate soft cookie... 

  1. Slightly under bake them.
  2. Substite brown sugar for some or all of the granulated sugar in the recipe - brown sugar contains more moisture.

For the ultimate Crunch

  1. Use egg white in place of whole eggs.

Allergic to egg?

According to our mate BEV, from i bake without- Flax seed is a brilliant replacement...
FLAXSEED EGG; to replace 1 egg (multiply as needed) 

1 tbsp ground flaxseed
3 tbsp hot water (hot but not boiled, from the tap is fine)

Mix in a small bowl/cup and leave to thicken and go gloopy for a few minutes before using.

From some Friends of the Pantry - Click on the photos for the recipe xo

From Claire K- Cinnamon Circles
Pretzel Sunflower seed cookie- i bake without
Oatmeal Creme Pie from our Southern Belle
From Whipped- A Margarita lime sandwich cookie