Monday morning usually means my children finally empty their school bags and dump whatever they brought home Friday from school all over my kitchen counter. This occurs precisely 30 seconds before we are meant to race out the door to school.  Today, among school notices, crumpled artwork and graded homework, I found a real TREASURE.  My youngest daughter (6) brought home from Kindergarten a beautiful old Chinese coin tied onto a simple red string.  One of her Chinese classmates brought the necklaces in for all of the Kindergarteners as a Chinese New Year gift.  It is truly one of the most lovely and simple things I have ever seen.  After 11 years of my children bringing home junky goody bags, plastic gifts with purchases and a thousand other tacky and useless freebies, this simple coin necklace was like discovering a tiny piece of fine art.

I immediately snatched the necklace up and have been wearing this treasure all day.  I did ask my daughter's permission before "borrowing" it, but I'm really hoping she never wants it back.


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