The Communal Pantry Cyber Cookie Exchange Rebellion
For the Tradition rules- refer to Kate's Blog

1.  To make cookies: Do what you have time for - you can bake if you want but you are welcome to cheat or lie.
2.  We encourage bars, meringues, chocolate chips, no-bakes, fridge well as, of course, your beautifully decorated, piped cookies.
3.  Tell us how many your recipe makes - that's all we need.
4.  The theme: (we are quite rigid on this one) - it must taste good!
5.  All we want is an arty photo - arrange cookies, no-bakes, meringues, etc however you want, in whatever receptacle you can find around the home.
6.  Goes without saying, please fill out the form on this page, attach your recipe (and pics) and submit it.  We'll wrap and display with love and care.
7.  If you want to wear that reindeer sweater or your flashing light earrings, you are welcome to!  You are sitting in your own home typing this recipe - knock yourself out!
8.  Just send it to us - we don't want to hear your excuses!
9.  There will be a grand prize - a month of cyber fame and maybe a few new recipes for next year's collection.
10.  Outsourcing:  You are totally welcome to outsource, pay, bribe, claim it as your own - we encourage it!  Remember THIS cookie exchange is all about creative thinking.

So grab a glass, stick on those Holiday tunes and let your imagination run wild.