Miss T dreams of becoming a modern day princess, hence the bare muddy feet and wild hair.  Dresses need to be long and must be purple or pink. They must sparkle and spin when you dance. Crowns and tiaras are worn at all times, even when climbing. Glass slippers must be taken everywhere and lipstick is always applied when leaving the castle...
Oh yes, somehow I got a girlie-girl, with Princess whines and all! 

Whereas an edible princess doesn't whine, likes cheap pearls and is happy to be clothed in cake, chocolate and frosting...now that's my kind of princess.  
But definitely not as much fun as the one above ! XO

Pantry Must Haves:

1. Either make a vanilla cake from scratch or use a packet mix.
2.  Buy/borrow a legless cake doll (or sacrifice an old barbie as you'll only need the torso up).
3. Purchase a Wiltons Wonder doll cake tin (the boob tin)!
4.  Various sprinkles or edible cake pearls for decorating.

For information on the cake tin, click on the photo.

Step One: 
Make room for the princess doll by using a round cookie cutter to create a hole...

Step Two:

Once your cake is fully cooled, spread on the vanilla butter icing.

Step Three: Place your edible candy pearls onto a large plate. 
Place 3 skewers into the middle of the cake, hold at each end and 
roll the frosted cake onto the plate of pearls. 

Final step: Dip your princess into some melted chocolate to 
create the top of her dress and add a few pearls to rim. Stick the princess torso 
into the cake. Fill in the hole with more icing and then decorate 
with colourful (butterfly or flower) candy.

& then wait for shrieks of delight from your little princess...

The Organised Housewife