My first humble Halloween begins 10 days into my new NJ life

Let me share my 'Martha' moment with you; my very first friend in my new Bubble World... In my time of need she showed me the Short Hills Mall, loaned me her washing machine and drove my son to school when it was wet...When we moved into our house Martha was at my door with my first Halloween decoration, and the only one for that year...She was my angel...Pregnant, in a new country, Hubby at wedding in London and pumpkin carving party to attend... No pumpkins at the Short Hills Mall...okay- where does one find a pumpkin and how does one carve it?? That year we turned up without a pumpkin!  Luckily for us, someone had brought a spare - for the bewildered foreigners...

Things have improved a little since our first Halloween... Inexpensive cobwebs, which are a pain in the a*$ to remove, makes our somewhat lacking decorations look passable...Actually this year I think we might get voted the best dressed house in our street...

Oh yes the Americans love a decoration and we have embraced every moment every month.  It all starts in...

SEPTEMBER- up goes the FALL flag
OCTOBER- Halloween (the start of many candy celebrations)
NOVEMBER- Thanksgiving and the Turkeys start to appear (PS this isn't a time to start Weight Watchers)
DECEMBER- Christmas- It's often a Griswold's Christmas- the more lights the better and another thanksgiving-type (ie MASSIVE) dinner.
JANUARY- New Years; time for a road trip across the NJ boarder for some Philly fireworks (which are illegal in NJ, amongst many thing...)
FEBRARY- out come the hearts and another excuse for a candy feast 
MARCH- The St Paddy Flags are flying high from the porches and the four leaf clovers start to appear (even if you're not remotely Irish!).
APRIL- Is all about the crazy plastic Easter egg containers filled with candy. (Where are the Chocolate Humpty Dumpty eggs, filled with chocolate Smarties??)
MAY- then we welcome the spring with more flags and spring wreaths hanging from our porches.
June, July and August we get a little moment to breathe and prepare (apart from JULY 4 when we do it all again in red white and blue - and we barbeque)...

Anyway back to Halloween.  Yes in 2007, the Aussie Halloween virgins attempted Halloween on Seasme St...with our one pumpkin light...
* We ventured onto Route 22 for the first time to purchase an outfit...survived and came back with Harry Potter.
* In desperate need of candy it was back to Route 22, Costcos... Purchased 3 oversized bags of candy (which all tastes the same) and were politely advised by the neighbours that we would need more...
* Back to Costcos...Came home with another 7.
*Taste tested one bag (Pregnant and in need sugar)...So now we have 9!
* The night came and two hours later our porch light was out (NO MORE CANDY)! Okay, what do these kids do with all this candy and how come the Americans have such perfect teeth???

Halloween is an event to be embraced for its tacky decoration, terrible candy, overpriced outfits, dangerous pumpkin craving,  and the endless sugar high parties; let the madness begin!