Handy Hints
Make your favourite cake the day before. (You can use a packet mix but I find them to be a little sweet) 
Then add the chocolate and it's a sweet disaster!
Take it slowly and don't cheat - this is a labour of love- it's messy and fun.
Have your design planned out before starting.

Step 1.  Cool your cake (preferably overnight) and break it into chunks ...

Step 2.  Crumb your cake at a medium speed in cake mixer.

Step 3.  Mix and blend your favourite icing recipe.  
NOTE: Packet icing is very sweet- AVOID!

4.  Place icing in seperate bowl- return crumbs to bowl- and add a tablespoon of icing at time (mix on a medium speed, with a dough mixer)....One batch of icing should be enough for two cakes... Think of play dough when you do this part!
WARNING- this is the part that every cake pop beginner stuffs up.  If your cake is too moist it's very hard to work with...

5.  Shape cake dough - keep it simple! I use a small ice cream scoop to ensure that my pops are similar sizes...
6.  Set in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight... 
You can freeze the mixture, but don't dip the frozen cake 'balls' straight into the melted chocolate as  it will cause the chocolate to crack.
If you freeze your cake balls,  remove them from the freezer an hour before you need to work with them.

7.  Melt your chocolate- I use electric chocolate melting pots- it's worth the investment!

Expert advice- only take 10 cake balls out of fridge at a time...
8.  Dip your stick into the melted chocolate- then into a ball of cake. Let it set for a few minutes..
9.  Then dip the whole cake into the melted chocolate.
10.  Tap the stick gently to remove the excess chocolate- check your design plans as you may need to add something to your pop before the chocolate is dry (for example I needed  to secure the chocolate sprinkle button)
 11.  To  DRY: Stick your pop upright into a foam board or peg holder to dry... This is a balancing act!

12.  To STICK/glue extra candy to your pop:  Using a paint brush, apply melted chocolate to the area. Hold candy for a few seconds.  Once the chocolate has dried the candy is secure xo

START SIMPLE and have fun!