Can your Husband cook? Mine is a marvelous handyman, a master at dishwashing, (OCD about the dishwasher and how it's packed), an expert at sorting cabinets and folds washing to perfection (He claims to be my domestic b#%@!)... 
He hates a queue, a tourist trap and spending money! So as you can imagine, on a recent fall family outing, we had a grumpy apple picker, after he had to queue for an hour, for a 2 minute tractor ride, that cost $3 per person and then was expected to pay above market value for the apples that he had to pick himself... 'Apple Picking Scrooge with Scottish Blood' type personality I think! 

As for the cooking, I think he would be an amazing cook, but this household task he leaves to me!  Well I voluntarily took it over after he once cooked me: sweet corn, pasta, fish fingers and Bolognese sauce...By the way he doesn't remember that culinary delight, I question how you could forget that taste sensation...?

Our kids go crazy for his scambled eggs, right down to the little garnish, placed ever so neatly on the top!  After several years of marriage my father gave him his BBQ-ing certificate, along with his vacuuming and lawn mowing rights!  Yes, my Dad, another non-cooking McDonald's expert, had a list of expectations that needed to be met and that lawn mowing certificate was a tough one to get...To this day Gordo's family certification tradition lives on, as Jack dons the goggles hoping to earn his mowing stripes!
Anyway back to food.  The hubby was a boarding school brat, from a Scottish family and had a mother who is an amazing cook.  So you could say he never really had to learn any cooking survival skills... And I guess my passion for cooking didn't encourage him either! 
So here you have the British/Scottish (yes, thats another blog; born in Ireland, raised all over the world, schooled in British Boarding schools and Scottish Parents) moaning apple picking husband, who kindly volunteers to go out in the pouring rain to get the dry apple cider for the salmon and apple dish, he licks the plate clean and happily asks for seconds and then has two servings of apple berry crumble... "We must go apple picking again, those apples are amazing." 
Meet the 'contented tummy type personality'...  xo