One of the clearest pictures in my memory from my childhood is of a wishbone hanging on the knob of a cabinet in the the kitchen.  There always seemed to be one drying out and waiting for us to choose a side, pull and see who got to make a wish.

    I've got to admit, I don't roast whole chickens or turkeys very often.  Organic chickens are rather scrawny and expensive if all you really want is the breast meat.  But my kids LOVE the wish bone.  And they're always thrilled when they see one hanging on our cabinet door pull.

     They lucked out this week.  My son's school has a school wide Thanksgiving feast the Tuesday before the holiday break.  It was his class's turn to provide the paper goods, drinks and turkey. I volunteered to make two turkey breasts...with a few selfish alterior motives.

School ended up with piles of sliced white meat.  The kids have two wish bones to snap and make a wish.  As much as we aren't big fans of the turkey leftover meat, Joe and I are huge fans of home made stock and turkey soup.  So my big score was the two carcasses, zip locked and in the freezer, ready for me to work my magic this week.

And for those of you who see me on a regular basis...the wishbone reminds me of my mom and that's why the necklace I wear most often is a silver wishbone. XO

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