A Chunk Off the Old Block
This story and recipe form Little Red aka Lacey is a must read if you too are in need of a tylenol smoothie.

Oh no, not the school,” I think as the caller ID announces the school name throughout the house.  That dreaded midday phone call could be a host of terrors: vomit… fever… fight… lice… asthma… strep,… pink eye… diarrhea…  

Role Play Script School Nursing 101 
Step 1)  Address parent
Step 2)  State your name and title
Step 3)  Declare “Everything is OK, but…”
Step 4)  Clearly and calmly state illness/ condition
Step 5)  Downplay condition
Step 6)  Suggest “You can pick him up if you want.”
Step 7)  If parent doesn’t agree to pick up student,  repeat step 6until they get it through their thick head.

   I guess you can put 2 and 2 together.  Yes, I was a tad bit thick-headed the first time I was a recipient of one of these passive-aggressive phone calls.   “Hello, Mrs. Rzeszowski.  This is Mrs. Lentini, the school nurse.  Everything is OK, but your son fell at recess and chipped his tooth…"  I’m an old pro with the nurse by now and beat her to the punch, “Oh, Ok Mrs. Lentini- I’ll be right over to pick him up.”  

    I arrive to see what the nurse calls a chip, I would aptly call a chunk! His front tooth is 2/3 gone.  A successful reconnaissance of the blacktop did result in the chunk, now swaddled in a tissue, in a Ziploc, and pressed into my hand, “The dentist may be able to reattach it.”

    In an attempt to brighten Everett’s dark day, we stop off on the way to the dentist at a literal hole in the wall smoothie joint, called The Juice Caboose.  He hadn’t had lunch, & I kidded him that he now had a perfect place to put a straw; he’d better take advantage of it while he still can.  

    Riding over to the dentist’s, he seemed content.  Suckling still calms a big kid down.  When he walked into the back room with the hygienist, he winked at me with the straw in the new slot.  I shrugged and held my breath.

    After a few minutes, “Mrs. Rzeszowski?” the dentist calls, “Please, come in.”   
    “It looks like we’ll be able to fix it, but…” he swivels around to look me in the eyes as he shakes his head and gestures towards Everett, “Next time...”

    I look over at Everett who grins on cue to show the raw edge of his tooth is stained deep purple.

   Exasperated, the dentist says, “Next time, Mrs. Rzeszowski, no blueberry smoothies!”

   Our numerable dental visitations are ever increasing with the addition of palette expanders and braces into our lives; the following recipe reflects the obvious necessity of seedless options with such dental apparatuses as well as the inclusion of pain relief generally required post-tightening.

Now, do we have a talented dentist? or what!

The Smooth Operator- Pantry Must Haves
A spotty banana
1 c orange juice
6-8 ice cubes (sometimes I sub vanilla ice cream for ice cubes & yogurt)
a dollop of plain yogurt                                                                 appropriate dosage of liquid Tylenol

Toss first 4 ingredients in a blender (or use a hand blender as I do)

Stir in Tylenol.  Pour into a glass.  Pop in a straw & serve.  


Pantry Must Haves (makes 3 glasses)

Sugar Rim:
2 tspn honey and 1 tspn warm water
green sugar sprinkles

2 cups milk
1 banana
1/2 cup plain unsweetened yoghurt
2 kiwifruit
handful crushed ice
2 - 3 Tbspns honey (depending on taste)
1 drop green food colouring (optional)

First pour the honey and warm water mix into a saucer.
Pour sprinkles into another saucer.

Dip glasses in honey water, then into sprinkles and roll to coat the rim.
Leave to dry for a few minutes.

In blender combine smoothie ingredients, and pour into a jug.
Carefully pour into glasses, being caresful not to touch the rim.
Serve to your little leprechauns with some cheer!  Sláinte!

Nikki xx