Pantry Must Haves (makes 3 glasses)

Sugar Rim:
2 tspn honey and 1 tspn warm water
green sugar sprinkles

2 cups milk
1 banana
1/2 cup plain unsweetened yoghurt
2 kiwifruit
handful crushed ice
2 - 3 Tbspns honey (depending on taste)
1 drop green food colouring (optional)

First pour the honey and warm water mix into a saucer.
Pour sprinkles into another saucer.

Dip glasses in honey water, then into sprinkles and roll to coat the rim.
Leave to dry for a few minutes.

In blender combine smoothie ingredients, and pour into a jug.
Carefully pour into glasses, being caresful not to touch the rim.
Serve to your little leprechauns with some cheer!  Sláinte!

Nikki xx

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