At our house we don't even eat turkey on Thanksgiving anymore! But we always have these cute little turkeys at every place.  They usually have our place cards leaning up against their little apple bodies.

In our family it is always the children's job to help set the table...this is every day, not just holidays!  But on special occasions their job is expanded to include the creation of place cards, or folding napkins in a fancy way or making these cute little turkeys!

All you need is as many apples as you have guests, a box of long tooth pics or skewers cut in half, a bag of large and small gum drops (for the tail feathers and feet) , a bag of large marshmallows (for the head), mini chocolate chips (for the eyes) and a little piece of licorice or a tube of piping icing to make the turkey's "snood" (yes that wobbly thing on their beaks has a name!)

Enjoy XO  Martha

      We all know school parties can easily become events with a license to feed the children junk.  Then again sometimes you get a teacher who wants to do a full on Thanksgiving feast in class the day before the real holiday...you know the day when the parents are trying desperately to get everything ready and really need the kids to just to go to school!?

      My solution was to make Turkey sandwiches cut in the shape of a turkey.  They were always a big hit with the kids in my children's classes and they made me feel a little better about my contribution.  They are very easy to do if you make a big assembly line of sandwiches and take less time than baking.  You can also do them way ahead of time and just wrap them up with some damp paper towels in a tupperware container. Anyone local can even borrow my turkey cookie cutter!

XO  Martha

Fairy Bread 

A loaf of bread (white)
Butter (real xox)
Sprinkles (or, as we say, Hundreds and Thousands)

Butter the bread.
Top with sprinkles.
Cut into triangles.

This will add a little excitement to any child's afternoon tea party...