Trick and Shriek!

It was dusk, and the house looked empty except for the flickering jack o’lantern at the base of the long walk.  At the top, a severed hand pointed toward the back door that stood ajar.  Black footprints led into the house through the dimly lit kitchen and dining room and into the den, and then disappeared under the door.

    Gingerly opening the door, the hinges squeaked and sent shivers up the little witch’s spine and right out her pointy hat.  Before her was darkness.  It was the door to the cellar.  The cellar of the creepiest, oldest house around!  The ceiling and walls were covered in black sheeting.  At the base was a white hovering face with blood red lips and a candle. “Enter at your own Risk!” she said in a haunted voice.

 The little witch paused, afraid to enter the cave. “Come and join your friends…” she said slowly.  The little witch didn’t move a muscle.
    Just then another brownie popped her head into the candlelight.  “Come on down.  It’s just my mom,” the Wonderwoman said as she stepped up to take hold of her friend’s hand. 

    Again and again, for 16 frightened little girls, Kylie stepped up the staircase to bring her friends down into the lair where pin the fangs on the Dracula, blindfolded searches through spaghetti brains, and apple bobbing had all the girls giggling.

    The brownie troop gathered into a semi-circle for a final ghost story when the girls heard a knocking.  Looking around, they could see the door to the workshop was shaking with each knock.  Everyone could see it was latched shut, and even Kylie looked confused.  As her mom crossed the room to investigate, the door suddenly flung open, the latch tearing from the wall, and into the room stepped a massive Frankenstein, arms outstretched, rumbling a low groan.

    Kylie’s mother screamed, Kylie screamed, 16 little girls screamed and in an instant they stampeded for the stairs, trampling each other as they went up, up into the house, winding through the den and dining room, and filing, shaking and shivering under the kitchen table.

  I can guarantee you that everyone one of those brownies tells her kids the story of Frankenstein aka my dad, who was the guest ghost storyteller mistakenly locked in the workshop and who unwittingly knocked the door down.  Thirty seconds of Halloween Horror provided for thirty years of Spooky Stories.

                      Frankenstein Brownies
Make your favorite brownie recipe, but prepare the pan in this way:

Grease pan, line in aluminum foil, and re-grease.  Spoon brownie batter into pan & bake according to recipe.  Cool completely.  Then simply lift the brownies out of the pan by lifting the aluminum foil.  This makes it easier to cut to size of playing cards.  Place on a cooling rack.

Cut fruit roll-ups to size for hair & cut black licorice laces for eyebrows & get candy corn for the nuts/bolts & chocolate morsels for eyes.  

Make frosting:
1/2 lb confectioner’s sugar
1/4 shortening
2 1/2 – 3 T milk/cream
1/2 tsp vanilla (or 1/4 vanilla 1/4 almond extract)
Several drops of green food coloring

 Beat until smooth.  Nuke in microwave at 10 second intervals until it melts slightly; I did 35 seconds total.  Pour over brownies; smooth with offset spatula.

Apply hair, eyebrows, and nuts/bolts.  Add eyes & use decorator’s gel for nose & mouth.  Voila!!

Let dry completely before packing up for the Halloween party!