As Halloween is a time of great sugar consumption, I thought I would add a simple and fun recipe/activity that, bar one of the ingredients, is actually pretty healthy!  This is also a great one for kids parties - and in fact Mum used to make it for all our birthdays. 


1 bag pitted prunes (the softer the better)
1 bag jellybeans
about 1/2 cup slivered almonds
about 10 licorice straps/lengths, chopped into quarters


To assemble

Stuff prunes with a jellybean.
Poke slivered almonds into 'head' for ears.
Push licorice strap into end of prune for 'tail'.


School Parties can get a bit crazy, especially when sugar is being added in heavy doses!  Halloween, the holiday that's main focus (other than costumes) is candy, can be tricky!  There's no way to avoid some sugar on that day, but here's my suggestion for a treat plan that worked out well for me:  

  Go with a Black and Orange theme! 

Orange Food is easy to come up with:

Cheese Cubes
Pumpkin Muffins
Peach Nectar
Cheese Doodles

Black Food (way trickier):
Raisins (okay they aren't really black)
Black Licorice
USE BLACK PLATES! It will help make the orange food stand out!

If you're a little creative you can limit the amount of junk they eat and still make them feel like they had a ton of crap.  Instead of just putting out a bag of Oreos we added little licorice legs and eyes and made them into spiders....guess how many everyone got? One, instead of a fist full.  

We plated our orange fruits and veggies so they looked cute (see the carrot jack-o-lantern) and let them have as much of the veggie and fruit as they wanted.

Best Plan:  I try and make the food part of a project or craft.  In this case, everyone got a pumpkin muffin, but they needed the raisins to design a jack-o-lantern face.

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