Ice-cream Santa Sundaes

& 4 great ways to track SANTA
Google Maps
Norad Santa
Santa GPS
Santa Tracker

Click here for more information on the tracking systems.

Pantry must haves

Vanilla ice-cream
Candy eyes or raisins 
Peanut butter chocolate morsels
a can of whipped cream
A punnet of strawberries
Wash strawberries.
Cut tops off strawberries to create a flat surface.
Cut the strawberry in half.
Using a small ice-cream scooper, scoop some ice-cream onto the bottom half.
Quickly add whipped cream for a 'beard', then 'eyes'/raisins, and finally 'nose'.
Place the other half of the strawberry on top and add a little squirt of whipped cream to the tip of the 'hat' ...HOHOHO!!!

Admire for a moment and eat very quickly...