The super hero himself!
Everybody needs to meet a real live super hero from time to time, and a few weeks ago I had the good fortune of doing just that.  I was in Texas for my sister’s wedding, and as part of the weekend’s celebrations we met her new in-laws.  I am not sure how it came up, but I walked in on a conversation where it had just been revealed that my new brother in-law’s kid brother, Collin, (wow, that is a mouth full) had lost a hundred pounds over the past year.  Well, that had my attention!  In fact, I am pretty sure my feet instantly glued to the floor! 

Back when I was in college as a Human Nutrition student we had this mass of rubbery plastic stuff that represented 5 pounds of human body fat.  Five pounds of human body fat takes up a surprising amount of space.  Do you realize just how much ONE HUNDRED pounds of human body fat is?!  The human body does not give up fat very easily.  In fact, it holds on as hard as it can... which is totally ironic considering how very toxic it is when we carry an excess. Needless to say, getting to meet someone who has taken one hundred pounds off of their body is unbelievably awe-inspiring; especially when it is a kid!  I cannot remember everything I stuttered out at that moment, but I know the crux of it was, “How?!”  

This is the miniature version of his answer.  He had seen the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and decided to put it to the test.  Now, I had heard of the film and I think one of the stars visited my Whole Foods a few months back, but I did not know anything more than that.  In my defense, “Supersize Me” seems to have spawned an entire film genre and I am a little behind on my movie watching.  Collin explained that the film is about a man who goes on a juice fast for 60-days and changes his life.

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I was extra riveted now.  Not two days earlier, I had ordered myself a juicer.  It was in transit to my house as I stood there hearing his story.
I am not sure of all the details of his story, but at some point he decided to do the juice fast for ten days.  Period.  So he did.  At the end of the ten days, he decided to do another ten and then another and then another.  He made it the full 60 days!  

Before we go any farther, we probably need to have a vocabulary lesson.  Juice: We are not talking fruit juice in pretty bottles that you buy at the grocery store.  (I think I had to explain that to my husband three times.)  “Juice” (in this linguistic case) is mounds and mounds of fresh vegetables that have been pulverized and filtered into a liquid form.  Collin told me that he would put up to 13 different vegetables in one concoction!  Fast:  I get how this can be confusing. I am a Mormon and so I know all about fasting, or I thought I did.  To me, fasting means giving to the poor, and your stomach growling – no food and no water for 24 hours.  60 days of fasting would end months after your funeral!   However, apparently, if you consume ONLY juice, it is called a “juice fast.”  I wonder how long till one of my children tries to “juice fast” instead of “fast fast.”  I digress… in short, Collin went on a liquid vegetable diet for 60 days.

Collin is now a hundred pounds lighter, eats a lot less than he used to, has a diet that includes lots of vegetables, fruit, and meat in moderation, is exercising and looks terrific!  I was intrigued as he talked about how he rarely gets sick and how much better he feels now.  He had the film with him because he does not ever want to miss an opportunity to share it with someone who may want to learn more.  He recognizes that he has been given a gift.  I am not sure if he ever got to show the film to anyone while he was in Texas, but within 24 hours of returning home, I watched it (available for instant viewing on Netflix).

I can see how a diet like this would help put a lot of distance between old eating habits and a new life, but I find myself reluctant to make the leap.  I rationalize by saying I do not need to lose that much weight and I already eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  Yesterday when I wrote this I wrote: “I will not be going on a juice fast for 60-days.”  I am already starting to second-guess that myself.  For starters, I am having a blast making vegetable juice a few times a day and increasingly turning to it as a major part of my diet.  I do feel better.  Second, I have given up wheat or at least I am trying to.  I do not know what my body’s issue with wheat is, but to say I feel better without it is a major understatement.  The problem is that I keep slipping up.  When I mess up I feel horrible for at least 24 hours.  I wonder if doing a “juice fast” would help me completely break my bonds with wheat?  Who knows?  What I do know is that Collin is one of my heroes and I love my green drinks!  My family thinks they are nasty, but I think it is funny how often they want to sample them anyway and the one year old?  I have to hide them from her.  She loves them!